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Home Features Top of the Week ABC Daytime – Shame, Shame, Shame on You

ABC Daytime – Shame, Shame, Shame on You

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Okay, so Rebecca Budig is returning as Greenlee. But is there no decency left in daytime?  What are Brian Frons, ABC Daytime, and the producers of All My Children thinking with the "Real Greenlee" marketing campaign?


Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, All My Children)Talk about tackiness. Talk about total lack of decorum, empathy, and professionalism. 

For several weeks now we have been hit over the head with the fact that the dynamic trio, Rebecca Budig, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are returning to All My Children in the roles of Greenlee, Angie and Jesse respectively.  Soapdom has been promoting it.  We are happy that Angie and Jesse, one of soapdom’s early super couples, are coming back to the show, and we are likewise anticipating the return of Budig as Greenlee.


We can’t help but feel terrible about Sabine Singh (current Greenlee) who stepped into the role of a popular fan favorite character -- although there are some fans who never warmed up to Budig’s Greenlee -- and did the best job she could under the circumstances.  Not once did Soapdom receive fan snail mail or email complaining about Singh’s performance. Only once did Soapdom hear a negative comment in regard to Singh’s acting ability -- and that just today.  More often we heard appreciative comments regarding Singh, that she was doing the best job she could with the story material she was given.

We are happy that ABC Daytime is so happy about the return of Budig, and they sure must be, given all the marketing and promotion they are putting behind it.  But we are likewise quite taken aback by ABC Daytime’s tackless and downright embarrassing marketing campaign in regard to the return of Budig, calling her “The Real Greenlee.”  How degrading to the current actor playing the role.   If Budig is the real Greenlee, what does that make Singh?  A fake Greenlee?  A nondescript Greenlee?  Chopped liver?  ABC cast Singh in the role of Greenlee, after Budig quit and opted not to return the first time. Singh was their choice and she’s the real Greenlee now, and until January 16th when Budig returns. 

As Budig did originate the role of Greenlee, and ABC wanted to give her return a catchier marketing phrase, why not use Rebecca Budig, “The Original Greenlee?”  It may be stating the obvious but at least it’s not publicly denouncing the current actor.

Sabine Singh (Greenlee, All My Children)Yet, Singh has maintained poise and has not spoken out about being so slighted by her once former bosses.  Instead, she took the high road and is finishing out her time on AMC giving it her all.   Whether she will come clean after her tenure remains to be seen, but we can bet that she will have only the nicest things to say about her stay in Pine Valley.  You know, burning bridges and all that. 

Cady McClain (ex Rosanna, ATWT; ex Dixie, All My Children), another actor to feel the door hitting her behind on the way out of Pine Valley, had this to say to Carolyn Hinsey in a recent Soap Opera Weekly interview:  “I think it’s great Rebecca is returning. She is a terrific actress and that will be a wonderful return for the ABC family. I’m sure no one feels worse than she does that her replacement (Sabine Singh) is having to leave so ungracefully, but the timing on these things is never perfect.”

All I can say is that Budig’s return better be something really special. They better have some pretty terrific story material lined up for her as stated earlier; many fans never did warm up to her portrayal of the character, and there are quite a few who enjoy Singh in the role.  With the writer’s strike still taking its toll on the writing staffs of all the soaps, it will be pretty interesting to see what kind of story Budig does receive. I just really wish the “Real Greenlee” campaign would go away.  It makes me cringe every time I read or hear it. 

Soapdom wishes only the best for Sabine Singh as she embarks upon other, hopefully, more appreciative endeavors.

What do you think? Is this daytime's most embarrassing marketing campaign or what? 

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bonbon said:

Linda....I agree with you! The way it was marketing was very unprofessional! Like most people, I hate to see a loved character go and have someone else replace them...and in the beginning I did not want to see a new face of Greenlee, but I really think that Sabine has done a really good job and I can't help saying that I feel bad for her....it's like a slap in the face with this campaign for the "real Greenlee". They could have handled it better! I am however happy to see Rebecca back....she should have come back in the first place!! I'm also excited to see Angie & Jessie (how come they are not getting as much air play.....they were around first & longer??!!). Good bye Sabine & good luck to you! smilies/smiley.gif
Also...speaking of replacements....I think the jury is still out on the new Babe. She's doing a good job, I just think the original one is better!!
January 09, 2008
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QueenRuler said:

Hi bonbon.

Thanks for your comments. You bring up an excellent point. How come the return of Jesse and Angie isn't getting as much of a marketing push? Especially since Jesse died oh so many years ago, and years later came back as a spirit to help Tad with his recovery after he was a tornado victim, again years ago. It certainly is going to be interesting to see how they reintroduce Jesse!

Oh and bonbon, did you know that you can upload a photo to your member profile and it will appear every time you comment and/or post on the message boards? To upload your photo, just go to your member profile and click the word "EDIT," then click "Update Your Image." You can select a fun image icon from our image gallery, or upload your own picture. Looking forward to seeing what you choose and thanks again for weighing in.

Any other of you AMC fans cringing with ABC Daytime's choice of marketing campaigns to herald the return of Budig? Your QueenRuler wants to know!

January 09, 2008
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gidget6 said:

I am not susprised that ABC would do this after the treatment of Cady and Julia Barr. What is wrong with Brian that he is not more in tune with soap fans? I don't just follow the soap family I also follow the actors real life and enjoy a wide range of extended familes because of it. I am almost afraid to see what will happen with Angie and Jessie because of the " death " of Jessie. I do hope they will be around for a while as I do enjoy their work as I have enjoyed Sabines work. I will watch for her to pop up soon as she is a good actor and will not be forgoten by this fan!!
January 11, 2008
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BETHRO said:

I am in total agreement with this Real Greenlee saga. I loved Rebecca as Greenlee, as I'm sure most did, but when an actor choses to leave a role for whatever reasons and another actor steps up to the plate to fill that role takes courage and says alot about the new actor. Trying to fill the shoes of a popular character is stressful enough but Sabine did it with finess. Sabine made us understand and see Greenlee in a whole new light. I hope that another soap snaps her up as she deserves better than what AMC has done to her. Good Luck Sabine you are one wonderful actor....Now as far as Babe goes.....Sorry, but not liking the new Babe.....Why doesn't AMC bring the Real Babe Back ??????
Now that would be a ratings booster........ smilies/grin.gif
January 12, 2008
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Evans10 said:

I too am disappointed in bring Rebecca back,,, okay she was good when the role was hers, but I really believe that Sabine did earn herself the role and then left go,,,IT IS UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!I DO WISH HER THE BEST!!!nOW AS FAR AS bABE,,,She did leave by her own choice,,and I do think the new Babe will earn herself the Role of Babe,,, she deserves a chance!!!!I only hope she doesn't have meet the same Fate as Sabine,,,Good Luck to Sabine,,, make it better for yourself,,, smilies/cry.gif
January 13, 2008
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nycgal said:

I can understand how a fan favorite's return is highly anticipated. For me, it would be as if General Hospital recast Brenda and three months later the "real" Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) was back on board. That being said, I still think ABC went a tad overboard with this "The Real Greenlee Returns." I understand it's show business and what it comes down to in the end is profit, profit, profit but by God isn't there an ounce of humanity left in this crazy industry? With ratings what they are, it's obvious networks are willing to go to whatever lengths to reclaim audiences but there is something to be said about cla*s. ABC doesn't seem to have an ounce of it.
January 14, 2008
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